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Marriages contributed not once cent to the showcase of God's Blessings to me, if anything, those husbands made an attempt to step in front of God or father to claim my blessings as
no child support, zero; what told me that man was evil is when he took checks and sign them S. A MONROE  and presented them to the court.   He didn't get away with that for his girlfriend
was Susan Ann
 and when he was caught in Kansas, Kansas protected all fathers who run to it on support back in those days.
74, my husband of five months was in an accident and was dying.  His family,
 Pages made him incompetent, then preceded t sue me for alimony and support in filing divorce papers on my crashing heart to this day other than my son was kidnapped, painful eventful.  
I had to pay $1,700 with an agreement that ALL MY PROPERTY  would REMOVE HIS NAME from MY Property that I had owned, including my two businesses since age 23.  I was 36 years old and known to be an accomplished Mother and businesswoman  before I m married
Dr. Roy F. Page and acquired his two bonus children.  Four children lost their home the day I was sued for a divorce by his family, the pages of Vero beach.
1981, I married an old sweetheart back in 68.   Four months later, he sued me for HOMESTEAD ON MY CONDOMINIUM....
The laws had changed to allow a living in to claim homestead, much less god forbid you to marry 'it'.   I was forty years old,  my last marriage.
I did have, for a couple of years a wonderful
man, caring, giving, and supportive till my accident thirty-three years ago which he stuck by me for about seven years but the woman he knew and loved was gone forever in place was me as I am today.
One might think I would know better due to a term paper I wrote, Nuptials AND THE SYSTEM; I based that term paper on GEORGE ORWELL's 1984
7 Years Ago
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I had three great Mentors that. Before the coming of these females into my life in the middles sixties, I had only Eli Lilly to guide me. Charlete Tilfford Monroe, Eileen Monroe, Yaya, Mary Macrellis, Eve Tucker (Eve had the courage to run for Congress in 1974.)  I was the first single woman in a three-county area to own, operate a business with credit not even allowed to woman till 1973.  I moved to Florida in 1963 without one family member. what else was new?  I had no one other than Eli Lilly that looked out for me.  My babies and I lived in a boat warehouse for the first year and thus I learned to be a fisherman.  We had a  hot plate, and there was running water in that building.   I managed to buy a ford auton thus found a good job to sock our money away.  I steadily made friends of which I have to this day as I raised my boys.
By 1964 I had bought my first salon (on with an outside toilet.  By 1966 I built and moved my business into the commercial building I built on Sunshine State Parkway.  I had sold that in 2007 for $175,000.   
I was one of the first women in the USA to acquire SBA dire loans for both businesses.  In 1970 I opened my third salon, sold it in 1975.
Throughout my entire adult life, I bought and sold the property to make a living for that was the least expensive way to pay tax, Capital Gain is contributing yet the least tax. My first great deal was when I did an EXCHANGE with Harbor Federal two lots for a Condo on the Inter Coastal Waterway in Vero Beach in 1981, I own since April 1979 Which became known after that as 1031 LIKE AND KIND EXCHANGE.  All I got was a Satisfaction of mortgage for that Condo... then in 1998 sold it for 105,000.   Just a short cursory of my history in how I obtained much of what I have...........Mark would remember the most for he and Michael worked beside me as I painted house, cleaned windows, and painted roofs with tar as my second job till the middle seventies.
I owned no house to live in till Mark had his house first, paid for I owned my first house in 1991 two weeks before I made sure that Richard (Michael  9 was subsided for the first six years by me with no payments for the first four years and two years six thousand payments when I told him to go refinance for thirty thousand...matter of record for it is there on Marion county records(.

OORGIAN,KUNTZ,JJ.,and FAHNESTOCK,FABIENNE,Associate  Judge,  concur. *           *     

The only pictures I have of me under age as a baby/child under ten years of age.  On the end table there is a picture of me I'm told at age four, however I was not successful in attempting to have this enlarged.
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Richard Monroe (my husband at this time) my friend (I liked Jean) and her husband. Notice my apron, what a gal...yep, I cooked, clean and played house slave for a while..
January 1961 weeks after my last baby's birth of which I was twenty by two months.

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