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Cherane the Chicken Maker
Date:9/21/00 12:10:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: To: (Cherane Pefley)

Dear Cherane,
Reference the comment made that you "have turned Hyacinth macaws
into chickens"....I, as an aviculturist would probably take that as a
compliment. It appears to be a comment meant to say that you have
furthered the goals of aviculture by helping to domesticate the Hyacinth
macaw in aviculture. This is a good thing, and aids tremendously in the
conservation of wild birds too. You see, a domesticated species can no
longer survive in the wild, and, as a domesticated species, it will
survive in captivity long after the natives in Brazil have wiped out the
wild flocks trying to do the same thing that you have done!
The domestication process of any species is important in captivity.
It will finally allow us, as breeders and bird keepers, to seperate our
birds from those that are still in the wild. Even CITES has now adopted
new resolutions allowing for the international trade in "domesticated"
species...(defined as bred to the F2 generation in captivity).
So........Cherane.......if you have made the Hyacinths into
chickens, then you deserve an Avy Award for your work for the
domestication of the species. Just keep in mind that NO breeders in the
world are doing anything but turning captive birds into chickens! By
virtue of keeping a bird in a cage, feeding it unnatural foods, allowing
it to interact with humans, medicating it when it is ill, tending to its
psychological needs, hatching its eggs and feeding its young, and so
many more things we all do........we are all turning our parrots and
other birds into "chickens".
Good on you.........Rick Jordan