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I was introduced to Doug Rosa by Dr. Bernard and Dorthea Ross in 1966.  Douglas died in 1976 at the age of 42 years.  
Through the years I've held close to me those thoughts, feelings of which I came to know through this man.  My creativity and playfulness he welcomed, cherished and encouraged as I grew into the kind of woman I knew he loved and accepted, ME.


 Letter from the Governor to Sharon Monroe (Cherane

Doug took this picture at the top of the State Building.  You can see Panam in the background. Doug was art illustrator for Heidi and Madam Butterfly books.  1967 age 24.

My first carriage ride around New York Central Park  (Doug took this picture

Sketch of a painting hung at the Pentagon in Washington.
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April 30 through May 12 1996 Doug's paintings were displayed at:
double click to read and see painting.                                      A.E. 'BEAN' BACKUS GALLERY

Just turned blonde. Doug liked my new look
Valentines Day 1967
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William Douglas Rosa

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click to large...  Camels on Mount Olives painted by William Douglas Rosa 1975

A dictionary of Angels  click to enlarge                  
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Water Buffalo Vietnam, 1967 by William Douglas Rosa

Might I have your picture Bob?    Sure, I'm here
                                                        Bob Hope                Doug and Cherane/Sharon Anne

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