I'm responsible for my responses. Because one says I've written something does not make it true or a fact..thus  
In presenting these pre-posted messages, I hope to share
with the readers of this site a glimpse of the helpful
information I have shared with the very people who have
created the need for the attorney letter which is also
found in these pages.

Any admonishments to others for giving advice to bird
breeders were the result of some fundamental ideas:

1) Though we may share our personal experiences, we do
not have the right to practice veterinary medicine
without a license.

2) "First, do no harm." In using nutritional
supplements, vitamins, herbal treatments, alternative
methods for your own birds, you should be well informed
about the product being used and contraindications. If
you are breeding birds, you can't wait until it is too
late to get information about and equipment for hatching
your eggs or feeding your babies.

3) "Give credit where credit is due." Aviculturists
should show professional courtesy.

4) Keep the law and stay honest. Twisting the facts is
telling a lie.

5) Personal confidences and sharing should be guarded by
both parties.

6) It is good to be proud of your personal
accomplishments, and to be happy.