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Date: Mon May 31, 1999 3:35 pm
Subject: Re: handfee (fear versus caution)

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> Subj:      Re: [-Bird-Breeders-] handfee  (fear versus caution)
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>  OK that's It! < and the topic was handfeeding dear, not BREEDING>
>  I can't keep quiet any longer... What a bunch of
>  Bullshit,Cherane!
>  Like I have told you before ....
>  Reread what you write and how it may be interpreted by others who
>  read your posts. GAWD!
>  < Gee,SUZ guess that makes the rest of us * ones* just a bunch of
>  *ignert* Peons eh?>

Maria,  The quote in my reply by Susanne is in reference to *breeding* and
As I changed the subject line to accommodate.  
Over look my ridiculous opinions...I have been feeding day 0 every hour
around the clock (baby other baby birds too) . I'm
holding my eyelids open with toothpicks.

Of course...don't you have a delete key?  

Susanne, I hope you have read my message in the light of my situation and
experience for that is all I was attempting to do.  I would have *could of*
used some kind of  name to hide behind if I didn't have something that was
worth merit and validity.

A life is a matter if it is a plant to me!  Unfortunate, many look
at birds for the money value....for instance, a hyacinthine will be stolen
while the less expensive bird will be passed.  Sad, I had a message and I
guess it will be overlooked now.

.....and I probably would take the name *peace*!


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