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Is this sad? I taught , raised my son 'Richard (which I named him Micheal and when he was kidnapped by Richard wade.. his name was changed and the mother on his records for school was changed to 'connie'.
so, at age twenty the Red Cross found my son for I AM THE ONE WHO TOOK MY SON TO GET HIS SOCIAL SECUIRTY NUMBER. this is how the Red Cross found Michael when he was discharged from the servie due to AWOL.
came to visit me, this child of mine and his wife with my five month old grandso, Richard Paul... they left with an automobile, Nova that I ended up paying for due to they totaled it and spent the auto insurance money. so, I paid the bank. I let that go by without remorse.
several more years go by.. to and half years later, after the honorific accident ( 1989) I would suffer brain injuries to my speech, walking and my life was lost. Not even two weeks after I won in court money for my injuries. At that time, I owned free and clear my condo, my commercial building that my business was sold and th building rented, two houses in Fort pierce, FL. one belonging to Mark Monroe, my oldest child (no mortgage) This ownership was shown in court that I by my own nerit had buought the properties many years and without any assistance from anyone else. my youngest son comes to m e with my three grandchildren. He had just been bankrupt, getting kicked out of the house they lived in..........these are the stores he told me to get me to fight with my attorney for money up front for a house.
Myy attorney was not a happy person and wanted me to sign a 'irrevocable trust...this would gave all to my youngest grandchild on their eithteen birthday. (now, Richard wade called me and told me this is the reason why Mark was taken out of Florida for charity was prengante... and of course you see the child was reared by my son...the youngest. The authorites tell me that Michael did to Mark what was done to him.. a child taken away from the loving parent.
this is all sick and far removed from anything I knew what was or is going on.
My attorney agreed to a certain amount and I showed my son how to buy a house under contract for deed of which he found a thrity thousand dollar house.
I showed him then how to offer fifteen thousand cold cash for that house as this was the way I bought many relaestate. He gave me grif but did as I toldhim and bought the house for cash given to him by me.
Again, with four attorneys telling me they would not have this without a mortgage thus I told my son and he with his wife, kim agreed to a fifteen thousand dollar mortgg. An account was set up by my attorney (remember, this is my recovery money to pay for the hospital that I was to go tot) .....each time this woman talked to me she was as tight lips and unknown daughter in law, a change.
July, 1993 they obscounded mark and when Richard wade called me to tell me why that charity baby would get all in my will..
I called my attorney and that is deadd, torn up, vanishe, no good and is no good to this day wht the younges child now, Wesley...he, Birkteinay will get ten dollars as Richard micheal, amand, Valerie and Richard pauls first daughter.
why? Two horrific events that have occurred that I'm being punished for that corrected would get rid of the sickenss in my family. RICHARD WADE IS NOT THE FATHER TO MY TWO SONS. It is me, that removed r micheal from the turck driving across the country by teaching him the computer, and actually building his first computer to take hom and practice.
ALL THREE OF MY GGRANDCHILDREN, AMAMDA, VALARIE AND RICHARD PAUL knew how to run the computer BEFORE MY SON. It is when he sas his children from my teaching them... and they learned to read, write and speak with the help of the coputer that my son listend na learned.
motoercyles riding my child learned from me..tying his shoe laces he learned fro my teaching him. Buying houses in his late life he leanred, talked to and paid no attneton to me..but still it is I, that has bought and sold houses in order to raise my sons. Captital gain is the cheapest tax in our land and I utilized this. I came to Florida with my two babies with a completed eight grade education and own my first salon in one year, second saleon ibn the second year and third salen in the fourt year by working two jobs n raising m y two sons wtihotu any assistance from Richard wade. Acutally, I was very good to Richard with telling him that God had blessed me and I was to pass this onto him and give him space from paying child support. He never once came to the house to puck up my sons, never visited them at school, have lunch with them, nor picked my sons up to take them sto shciool nor pick them up to being them home. I drove my sons to school each morning, went to my bsiness then picked my sons up from school. I apid for all of Marks, and Michael medical bills., doctors baby shots, etc..etc.. I AM THE MOTHER THEAT LOVED AND TAUGHT MY swim, to fish, to have horno, truth, virutues, values and each week up till the time I lost due to the dying of my hisband they worshpped God each week...either by Temple o their church with my taking them, sitting with them to worship.
In 1994, my attorney called me to tell me that not one monthly payment of the $300 a month was made by my son and his wife. almost four years of their distancing themselfves with my sending self address evevelopes for answers from my grandchildren...nothing. I had wondered why something was up but still in full sweing for recovery of the bran injury. with this gril telling me that she didn't think I would live...
Twenty years I waited till my grandchildren were past the eighteen birthday and asked for a converencne phone to find out why...and instead what I got was bringing up the past that was well into my day or present by the actions of my grandchildren who through me and my love, my generacioty gave a roof over their heads.... nto my ATTORNEY WHO WANTED MY ON OUR OF THISE HOUS.
I told my son how to get out of thie and save the house for my grandchildren to have a roof over their head and this pregnant woman, Kim.
truth is truth till lies build up n one can see a person made of which I am not and my son has alloed lies, to grow to protect the stockhome syndrome wth this man Richard wade.
why does Mark and mike have the Monroe name because Richard wade got five hundred dollars if my younges son had his name from the insurance company. he got paid by the insurance company for m y child to have the Monroe name.
The only reason he is the granpa is by his kidnappng my child. think about this.......I could be Kay without a house for ihad I remain married to Richard wade who would be putting us up for it is through me that roof is over his head and kay; head.
My attorney wanted me to rent to Michael to keep my grand children in a house and I told him that......he sia dhe would have done that over his dead body, YET HE ID THIS TO HIS BROTHER and reap the funds at the end of each year by his tax return.
When it came back to m e that I was no better then his wife who stoel from ly recovery each month for almost four years... that I didn't pay my mortgage.. I SCANED AND WSHOWEED EVERY DOCUMENT TO M Y SON TO PROVE TO HIM I MADE EVERY PAYMET and the bank screwed me. My son said to me 'you still could have made it right by Febuary when they sent tyou the letter to pay.........
now, the fact is Iwanted to demonstrate how I surrendered each docmentt to my son to PROVE TO HIM...yet, when I chanlledged him that mark has one peiar pants, not couch, his dishwaser to his dy is brokern...and I wanted to see the last ten years of his Schedule E.............remember, he is to get two million on my death as tthat time....yet, he dared that I shoud dare ask for such...
and my granddaughter passes by my house with three that I have never seen to 'teach me a lesson' whils she dirves to the peroplerty I ownin Vero beach and takes pictures for her son.
Well, I have friends that will read this and know for they were with me as I worked my life to give a rich and ull life to mys, without me.. and for their children and their children are denied the greatest tha runs in thir blood and are fgiven exaples of lises, stealing, everything in morals an virtues of which they were taught diferenlty.

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Part of my heart
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Part of my heart

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