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Dear Sharon
Part of my heart
Aviculture  Consultant
Psittacine Feeding Device and Method U.S. Patent
Lakewood Park
Auto Mechanics
Miracle of Life

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Part of my heart

This young man went on to win the silver medal in the state competition.  I have a video of his great lift of 238 lb. in the Dead Lift that I'll put up at a later date. Click on image to enlarge

My 13th set dropping down the weights.  Called pyramid

Early 1970's Zionist Educator/Chairman

Youth Advisor for the South SEFTY Advisor  click to read

I wrote the course "personal modification'  approved  3 credit course...
Some of my classes as Adjunct Professor.

I was one of three Judges representing the National BeeKeepers Association for the Miss Florida Honey Queen .  Miss Florida went on to win Miss America Honey Queen 1981.

Phill,Cherane, Florida Honey Queen 1981 and Sandy .  
National BeeKeepers Association

Cherane and William Douglas Rosa

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